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Press Release

Dr. JimZ Product for Plant Growth
Wins National Award

Cherry tomato plant treated
with CCF towers overhead

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Press Release

Dr. JimZ Concentrated Compost Factor for Plant Growth
Wins Award from Nat'l Home Gardening Club

Organic Gardening Product Triggers Plant Growth, Offers Frost Protection for Fruit Trees, Creates Roses the Size of Dinner Plates

MINNETONKA, Minn. -- Dr. JimZ Secret Formula Concentrated Compost Factor, an organic gardening product that triggers plant growth and offers frost protection to fruit trees, has received the National Home Gardening Club´s "Member Tested & Recommended Seal of Approval."

The organic gardening product, which has produced roses the diameter of dinner plates, tomato plants that tower overhead and shoulder-high bell peppers, was tested by more than 100 members of the National Home Gardening Club´s consumer panel. It is featured in the September/October issue of the club´s magazine, Gardening How-To.

"I planted four tomato bushes and used Concentrated Compost Factor on two of them," said Linda Hankings of Tustin, Calif., who was impressed by the resulting plant growth. "The two I treated are much bigger and have nearly twice as much fruit."

"I had bigger blooms on my roses in one week," said Cheryl Harvison of Rogers, Ark.

"It seems to boost buds and blooms on anything," said Sheryll Johnson of Greeneville, Tenn. "I tested it on my flower gardens and vegetables gardens."

In tests conducted by a variety of research organizations, CCF also has protected fruit trees against frost, spurred fruits and vegetables to produce more vitamins, shortened harvest time and increased the shelf life of vegetables.

The organic gardening product is derived from an edible mushroom grown for three years on a sterile mixture of pineapple and papaya puree, sugarcane molasses and water.

CCF is not, however, a fertilizer. "It simply sends a message to plants to grow," said Jos Zamzow, TerraLife vice president. "As soon as you apply CCF, it´s essential to provide enough food for rapid plant growth."

"CCF is one of those once in a lifetime discoveries," said Wesley Chun, a former University of Idaho academic researcher and consultant to TerraLife. "One of my colleagues, Mr. Bryan Hiromoto, found the substance and has been studying it for the past three years."

"The effect is remarkable, and can range from increased plant growth to increased production of seed, flowers and fruit," Chun added. "The way CCF works, particularly at extremely low concentrations, is a fascinating biological puzzle that we are near resolving through our research efforts."

Tests so far have been conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington State University, Hawaii Agriculture Research Center, University of Hawaii, Oregon State University, Pennsylvania State University and several commercial growers.

Frost protection is one of the most exciting possible benefits of CCF, Zamzow believes. When CCF is applied to the trunks of fruit trees at dilutions of 1 part to 9,000 parts of water, it protects them for up to 45 minutes at 28 degrees.

"One or two degrees of protection for fruit trees can be the difference between losing and saving an entire crop," Zamzow said. "We think the frost protection has come because CCF causes the plants to create sugars, and the glucose acts like antifreeze in the cell tissues. This is a very preliminary conclusion, and we´re continuing to study how CCF can improve plant growth in vegetable gardens and ornamental gardens as well as in fruit trees. We expect CCF to be extremely popular in organic gardening.

"Its effect on roses also is incredible," he added, noting that several members of the National Home Gardening Club test panel praised their experience with roses.

The retail price is $29.95 for a one-fourth ounce bottle, with larger sizes available. Four drops of CCF is diluted with a gallon of water, and then sprayed on the crowns and trunks of plants. One bottle of CCF makes 64 gallons of mix.

Dr. JimZ Secret Formula products include Save-a-Tree fertilizer; Plant Wash, a blend of minerals and fatty acids that stimulates plant growth by cleaning the leaves; Plant-It fertilizer, a planting and transplanting mix that combines fertilizer, root starter and mycorrhizae; Bloom KaBoom!, which maintains flowers on blooming plants and fruit trees; Huma-Iron granular humate for lawns; and Foliar Calcium spray.

All products contain only natural ingredients and are safe for use around children, pets and fish. Save-a-Tree is the only non-leaching manufactured fertilizer in the world.

They are available at independent retail garden centers, on the Internet at www.DrJimZ.com or by calling 1.866.855.9552. A video on applying CCF is on YouTube.com.

The National Home Gardening Club, founded in 1996, has approximately 675,000 members. Save-a-Tree is featured in the current issue of the club´s magazine, Gardening How-To.

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